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King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne

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You can walk around using mouse or keyboard (do not hold down cursor keys). In case you are stuck, reposition yourself by doubleclicking.


Actions can be entered through the command line. Typing commands such as look around or open the door may sound familiar. In addition to this command line interface, possible actions for the current location are also available by rightclicking or by pressing "/". More actions are listed under the "more" submenu.


F Keys

Some scenes require pressing an F key. These are emulated through the "press F Key" menu under "more", or pressing CTRL + 1 (F1) to 0 (F10).

Saving and restoring offers savegames through browser bookmarks. When you press CTRL + 5 (to emulate F5), or type save, the url in the address bar changes, and a dialog appears, asking you to bookmark the current page. The bookmark is your savegame. It stores your location, position, inventory and game status. Note that the visual state of objects is not saved, as this might exceed the maximum url length.



All in-game locations are available by url, or choosing "select location" in the actions menu. This method allows you to start the game halfway, navigate back somewhere to get that specific item, hop back and continue playing.


During gameplay you will encounter NPC's: non playing characters such as a dog, a robot or an alien salesman. With each NPC you encouter, you can take on its looks through the "select avatar" action under the "more" submenu.



You play your own singleplayer game. Other players do the same, and when you are in the same location, you can see and talk to eachother. Note that the game status such as doors and events are not shared.

Typing a chat message is done by simply using the command line interface.


A new "disable multiplayer" option is now available under the "more" submenu. With it, you can play without all those other players around. To enable it again, refresh your browser or visit the homepage and dive back in somewhere.

Known issues

Please be aware that the interpreter is not bulletproof, and games might not be completable. There are known visual glitches, functional errors and your browser might even crash. I am sorry that I have not been able to fix everyting up to a 100%, but I still hope you enjoy your stay as it is.

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